Specialty Bakeries

With emerging health concerns and variations of the baking industry there has been a rise in specialty bakeries. Specialty bakeries focus on one type of production. It can be for health reasons, like gluten free bakeries. It also includes focusing on one type of dessert like cupcakes. Gluten free excludes the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. People with Coeliac disease, a gastrointestinal disease that makes it nearly impossible for the sufferer to digest gluten. This can cause problems for people who want cake on their birthday, or rolls at holiday times. Gluten free bakeries have combated this issue by creating a whole new sector in the bakery industry.  To keep gluten free breads fluffy and similar to non-gluten free bread additives are used. Xanthium gum, almond flour, rice flour, eggs, corn starch, and Xanthium gum are just a few.  Because gluten free is sweeping the retail food industry up there are other products now that don’t contain gluten. Gluten free beer, gravies, pastas and even ice cream cones are avoiding this protein.