Other Baked Goods


Baking is not limited to just breads. Baking also includes but is not limited to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, prepared desserts, pies, tarts, turnovers, sweet rolls, pastries, coffee cakes and doughnuts. As bread comes in various forms, so do the above mentioned desserts. A variety of flavors, textures and forms keep the baking industry ever changing and ever growing.  For instance, baked snack foods are becoming a popular trend. Bars of various flavors, and designs are penetrating the market. Also, crackers are considered a baked goods as well as Rice Crispy Treats, nutrition bars. Baking spans across the globe. There are many different cultures that have particular breads as well. With growing health reform new trends are being seen in the baking world. This can include new items such as gluten free breads, desserts and other kinds of transformations of new products.  Other trends such as organic, cage free, and nut free are also trending in the baked goods market. At one point sliced white bread was the cusp of American life, and now we are seeing a shift into artisan, or organic breads making their way into homes.  Whole wheat pastas are a recent trend in retail groceries that emerged in the 2000’s and still seems to continue today. Pretzels, a classic bar favorite, are also considered a newly popular baked good.