Chilled Dough Mixers

Different doughs work best at certain temperatures. Therefore, bakers attempt to control the doughs temperature during mixing. Mixing adds air to the dough that creates heat or energy. Some bakers turn to jacketed chillers to solve this age old problem. A jacketed mixing bowl is cooled to a temperature preselected by the baker. It typically uses a glycol solution to maintain a cool mixing bowl for the duration of mixing time needed. Larger scale production lines typically use these products given that proper ingredient incorporation takes a longer time in larger batches.



Lbs. Dough Water Per Mix No. Mixes Recommended Jacket Water Chiller
Per Mix Per Hr. at Required Water/Glycol Temperature*
lbs gals 36 °F 30 °F 25 °F 20 °F
350 120 15 1 PCP-50AL PCP-50AL PCP-50AL PCP-75AL
3 PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL
4 PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL
450 150 18 1 PCP-75AL PCP-75AL PCP-75AL PCP-100AL
2 PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-150-19AL
3 PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-200-27AL
4 PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-300-38AL
540 180 22 1 PCP-75AL PCP-75AL PCP-100AL PCP-100AL
2 PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL
3 PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL
4 PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL
720 240 30 1 PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-150-19AL
2 PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL
3 PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-300-36AL PCP-300-38AL
4 PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-500-62AL
900 300 38 1 PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-100AL PCP-150-19AL
2 PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-300-38AL
3 PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-500-62AL
4 PCP-300-36AL PCP-500-62AL PCP-500-62AL PCP-500-62AL
1100 370 46 1 PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-150-19AL PCP-200-27AL
2 PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL
3 PCP-300-38AL PCP-500-62AL PCP-500-62AL PCP-500-62AL
4 PCP-500-62AL PCP-500-62AL PCP-750-98AL PCP-750-98AL
2200 740 92 1 PCP-200-27AL PCP-200-27AL PCP-300-38AL PCP-300-38AL
2 PCP-500-62AL PCP-500-62AL PCP-750-98AL PCP-750-98AL
3 PCP-750-98AL PCP-750-98AL PCP-1000140AL PCP-1000-140AL
4 PCP-1000-140AL PCP-1000-140AL PCP-1500-180AL PCP-1500-180AL