Chilling Dough

Bakers cool ingredients and water prior to mixing. This allows for dough to become cooler. The ideal dough temperature after mixing is 20⁰ C, or (68⁰ F). Use of a chilled mixer is highly recommended to achieve consistent temperatures of a product during the mixing process. Dough is a good insulator; it takes to warming up or cooling down. When freezing dough for packaging it is important to make sure it is chilled thoroughly before being placed in the packaging. Excess freezing of dough can be damaging to the yeast. Optimal frozen storage temperature for dough is -4⁰F. It is essential to maintain constant temperature during transportation and storage to preserve dough quality. When thawing dough for baking, thawing temperatures are 35⁰ to 40⁰F. You want to avoid large temperature gradients that result in improper activation of yeast cultures. If the temperature reaches above 40⁰F bacteria can start to grow in the dough, as well as spreading of product. If the product thaws, it will not reach the acquired look.